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Jackie Cameron

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“Chef Jackie Cameron incorporates a sense of identity and place into her cooking better than any other chef in South Africa. Cameron’s plates engage with the diversity of South African sense of self. Classic tastes from across the cultural spectrum are reconfigured in modern manner that allows them to take their place at the international table of multi award winning, world class wonderful restaurants. From first bite of bread to last bon-bon, her work is subtle, sophisticated, skilled and delicious. Her students are privileged to be part of a process that is increasingly seeing South African tastes taking their place at the table of great world food genres.” Anna Trapido


She believes there is more to food than working in a top restaurant – locally or internationally. “I’m enjoying sharing all that I have been fortunate to have learnt – and experienced – with the students,” she says, adding that her aim is to impart this knowledge, and to equip the students with the skills to ‘go it alone’with confidence. She is ahead of the game on all levels as she guides students to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle in this crazy, but extremely rewarding, industry.


“My undertaking is to prepare students for the culinary arts,” she explained. “The correct attitude together with confidence, not arrogance, is hugely important to me. I want to see the school’s students staying in the industry, remembering there are many facets to the world of food. Leading by example, striving to be better every day, wanting to impress and being competitive is what gets one ahead.”


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