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Start A New War

.It’s time to start the war against poverty

The Development Fund Norway supports small scale farmers in their fight against hunger and poverty.


We are working towards a world without hunger. If the global community is willing, we can eradicate hunger. As long as she is given the opportunity, the poor rural farmer would be capable of growing more food than she and her family needs, thereby ensuring that they have enough food for the following year as well.


Sustainable agriculture is the strongest weapon we have in the war against poverty! Economic growth in the agriculture sector is at least twice as effective in reducing poverty, as growth in any other sectors. The supply and quality of food, health and education are interrelated. A sufficient amount of nutritious food is essential for both good health, and the ability to learn. Almost half of all children that dies before the age of five relates to malnutrition.


The campaign was a short film/awareness video and a website with extensive social media integration.



Graphic Design, NGO Campaigns, Video, Websites


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