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Who wants to be a Volunteer

.Let’s go SAVE Africa!

From the creators of Radi-Aid and Let’s Save Africa – Gone Wrong! Meet Lilly, and volunteer to SAVE Africa by challenging your perceptions.

We’re messing with you. Who Wants to Be A Volunteer is – at least so far – not a reality show, and Africa is still not a country. But in our video, did you recognise the familiar stereotypes of how the African continent tends to be portrayed? Or the image of the “white hero” and the “exotic other”?


We need to change the way fundraising campaigns are communicating issues of poverty and development. This is why we are awarding creative fundraising campaigns with the Golden Radiator Award, and stereotypical campaigns with the Rusty Radiator Award. An international jury has nominated seven videos, and YOU get to decide the winners by VOTING NOW! Winners will be announced 2nd of December.


The video is made by The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund http://www.saih.no – With funding from The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad). Video by NEFDT Films http://www.nefdt.com/ and iKind Media http://www.ikindmedia.com.


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