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Radi-Aid – Africa for Norway

The Norwegian Students’ and Academics’ International Assistance Fund, or ‘SAIH’, has long been a supporter and funder of projects in less advantaged countries across the globe. Operating inline with the motto “Education for Liberation”, one of the primary aims of the organisation is the adjustment or re-development of the often narrow-minded European view towards developing countries...

Who wants to be a Volunteer

From the creators of Radi-Aid and Let’s Save Africa – Gone Wrong! Meet Lilly, and volunteer to SAVE Africa by challenging your perceptions. We’re messing with you. Who Wants to Be A Volunteer is – at least so far – not a reality show, and Africa is still not a country. ...

Start A New War

The Development Fund Norway supports small scale farmers in their fight against hunger and poverty. We are working towards a world without hunger. If the global community is willing, we can eradicate hunger....

RadiAid 2.0 AfricaCorp

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The Radi-Aid App

From the creators of Radi-Aid, Let's Save Africa - Gone Wrong and Who Wants To Be A Volunteer. Introducing the latest innovation in the field of charity and technology...

Kloof & Highway SPCA Campaigns

The Kloof and Highway SPCA are focused on the prevention of cruelty to animals. Animals are vulnerable to the attitudes of man and depend on the compassion and concern of caring individuals who recognise them as sentient beings and who appreciate their responsibility to protect animals from pain, suffering and neglect....


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By signing up to our database you are consenting to recmarketing emails.